The Farming Association

The Farming Association of New Jersey

Founder Jeff Bennett

In addition to providing direct services to farmers, the Farming Association also plays a significant role in ensuring a healthy environment. It is responsible for informing farmers about economic developments, identifying and protecting their natural resources, and promoting cooperation with other agricultural associations. It should also refrain from commercial activities and be decentralized, allowing for effective participation of farmers and their representatives.

The primary objective of a farmers’ association is to improve the lives of farmers and rural communities. It aims to increase farmer productivity, organization, and competitiveness by providing farmers with information, training, and other services. It is necessary to create data banks about economic, agro-climatic, and technical conditions to assist farmers in their decisions. It should also make the information easily accessible to farmers.

The farming association has a greenhouse that is fully functional and scheduled for first harvest in June. Farmers in the association are also taking a course on greenhouse management, where they will learn about proper care and strategies for growing food. Moreover, they will also learn about business operations. These skills will be essential in the future, as the association expands.

The Farming Association is committed to helping farmers and farm communities in New Jersey. This includes providing educational resources and scholarships. In addition, the association provides a newsletter containing information about farming events and open houses. The newsletter also offers useful tips and resources on farm marketing.