Concrete Masters Integrated Management System

concrete masters


Concrete masters | TMF Store is a company that provides ready-mixed concrete to the construction industry.
The company operates within the metro Manila area and nearby provinces in the Philippines, providing pre-mixed concrete to customers and contractors who are building residential, commercial, industrial and governmental projects.
The company has a team of management professionals, skilled workers and staff that work tirelessly to meet the needs and expectations of its customers and suppliers.

Maximizing Your Efficiency: Tools and Techniques for Working with Master Concrete

The company also has an Integrated Management System that is in place to achieve its corporate goals and objectives.
The Integrated Management System is designed to help the organization manage and improve its processes, operations and performance in line with its objectives. It also helps the company to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements as well as the needs of its customers, suppliers and the local community. The Integrated Management System is implemented at all levels of the organization and is reviewed and updated regularly.

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