Staff and Board

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OFRF Staff

People are always surprised by how small our staff is. It’s because we create such a huge organic ruckus on the hill, in the field, on the streets, and on the web. Our work for organic farmers goes well beyond a ‘day job’. It’s a belief in the vision.

OFRF Contractors

OFRF works with a dedicated group of contractors, some of whom have been with the organization for many years. Their skill and expertise helps move the organization forward and we’re glad to have them on the team.

OFRF Board

Our board includes professionals in the organic industry, many of whom are organic farmers. Collectively, they pack a powerfully passionate organic punch. Please get to know the people who lead with the very best of intention on behalf of organic farmers in America.

Keith Richards

Treasurer / Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

  • K. Kpomblekou

Kokoasse Kpomblekou-A

Professor of Soil and Environmental Chemistry Director, Organic Agriculture and Biogas Production

Darryl Wong

Executive Director, Center for Agroecology

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