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As an organization, OFRF is committed to the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems. To this end we are deeply involved in policy work, advocating for organics at every turn. You can read more about our policy priorities here

Why We Want You to Share Your Story

We need your help to deepen the impact of our advocacy work! Facts, figures, and statistical breakdowns of the effects of increased public investment in agricultural research are important, but the lived experiences and stories of researchers and farmers communicate more than a report ever can. This is why we are beginning to implement a new strategy in our policy advocacy: story banking. We are collecting and amplifying stories of researchers around the U.S. who have effectively shared their research with decision-makers.

We are looking for stories about: 

  • Researchers who have influenced policy decisions by sharing their research findings
  • Farmers who have participated in on-farm research projects or experiments
  • Researchers and/or farmers who also engage in advocacy, whether that’s testifying, writing LTEs, meeting with representatives, etc
  • Ways that your research has impacted policy at a local, state, regional, or national level
  • Farmers who have benefited from research generated through the Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) or the Organic Transitions Program (ORG)

As an example, we recently shared the story of Dr. Eric Brennan, who was able to use his research on cover crops and carbon sequestration to inform California Ag Order 4.0 and change the course of history. You can read his whole story here

If you have a story about the impacts of your research (or a researcher you know), we want to hear from you!

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